Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Antique Tractor Show

This past weekend just for fun we decided to head down to an antique tractor show not far from our house. It was a pretty fun event with lots of farmers and some live country music. At one point the tractor show actually turned in to a tractor parade. Here are some of the sights from the tractor show:

Brett found something he liked. :-)

Swing Game

We went with friends to our local baseball stadium to watch the Quad Cities Swing play a game. The Swing is a local minor league baseball team, and so long as you aren't looking for a whole lot of exciting baseball action, going to one of the games makes for a pretty fun night out. Also, if you stick around on Friday nights there is a pretty good fireworks show that follows the game.

One of my favorite things about John O'Donell Stadium is the fact that it sits right on the Mississippi River, and you have a pretty view while you are watching the game. In fact, it's so close to the river that home-runs are often hit right into the river.

The Bix

In July Brett and I took part in the Annual Bix 7 race in Davenport. Each year 26 lucky Palmer students don a vertebra outfit and participate in the race as a way to raise community awareness about Chiropractic and about the Palmer Clinics. Here we are as T1 and T2:

And here's the whole group (somewhat disarticulated):

Rock Island House

Welcome to part II of my blog mini-series Things you Never Knew You Wanted to Know About Davenport.

I know, it took me long enough to finally get around to it. If you would like to check out part I again, go here.

This picture is of a home along the Mississippi River. It is called Quarters One and is part of the Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, IL (which is a part of the Quad Cities). This house is the second largest home owned by the U.S. Government. The only one larger is the White House.

The Chalk Man

At the closing ceremony for Palmer's Homecoming The Chalk Man, Sam Glenn, came to speak and do one of his popular chalk drawings. Here he is in action:

And here's the finished product:

And he did it all in less than ten minutes.

If you ever get the opportunity to listen to this guy speak DO IT. I halfway expected him to give some sappy motivational speech, but I was pleasantly surprised when he started speaking...he is absolutely HILARIOUS.

Mississippi River Cruise

Hello all. I apologize for my lengthy blog hiatus. I've been busy and haven't updated at all since San Diego, but now I'm back and I've got so many blogs to post you can't even believe it.

First, the Mississippi River Cruise. A couple of weeks ago we went to Palmer's Homecoming event which is when a bunch of alumni come from all over the country to attend seminars and various other events. On Saturday night there is always a fun "night out" type of event, and we signed up for the river cruise and it was a very good time. Here are some pictures:
Us at dinner on the boat.

The I-74 Bridge

Us again.

Our friends Derek, April, Amber, Amanda, and Kyle
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