Sunday, June 29, 2008

Derek & April

Happy Anniversary Derek & April!

Well, I guess it's a little late now, but their 1 year anniversary was last week. We went out last night and took some pictures. They are such a cute couple. I put together a photo slideshow for them for their anniversary, but shhhh! Don't tell them- it's a surprise. ;-) After pictures we headed back to our place and watched the movie Fool's Gold which was cute but kinda dragged on.

Note: Happy Anniversary to Brooke & Joe too!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Palmer Spine Preview

Last night I decided that we can go ahead and add arena football to the list of sports that I don't care about. Friday night we went to the I-Wireless center in Moline to watch the Quad City Steamwheelers (our local arena football team) play. We were there to support Palmer by dressing up as the Palmer spine and running around on the field while Dr. Johnson talked about Palmer and Chiropractic during the halftime show. It was actually a lot of fun, and a preview of what is to come in a few weeks when all 25 of us run the Bix as the Palmer spine just like we did last year. A special thanks to Michelle for taking these pictures for us, and a BIG thanks to both Dean & Michelle for showing up last night when we really needed you guys. You rock. ;-)


Yes, we are still here. No we have not floated away. :-) Thanks to everyone who has been concerned for our safety and well being here in flood-ravaged Iowa. Thankfully, we are okay, and we are enough uphill from the river to not be under any threat from the floodwaters. We did get a slightly flooded basement last week after some very intense storms that rolled through our area. Fortunately, there was no actual damage, just a soggy basement that needed to dry out.

We have been having some really crazy weather lately. These past few days we have finally gotten some respite from the relentless rains, but it seemed like it rained everyday for days on end. A couple of weeks ago (the same night our basement flooded) Brett and I actually had to go to the basement for the first time since we moved to Iowa. There was a tornado warning and a rotating wall cloud passing right above Davenport and lightning was striking SO close to our house that it was definitely time to take cover. For those of you who don’t know what a wall cloud is, this is what it looks like:

(Please note that this is just A wall cloud, not THE wall cloud- image from

Definitely enough to freak me out! Luckily, the whole thing blew over without incident (well, except for the flooding I guess).

Last weekend when we were flying to the Quad City Air Show, I took the opportunity to snap some aerial pictures of our swollen rivers.

If you look toward the left side of the picture above, you will see that there is water covering the city streets.

This picture is of Credit Island Park where the Palmer softball team plays, and also where Brett & his friends like to go golfing. As you can see, it is completely under water. You can make out the faint outline of the baseball diamond, tennis courts, and that building completely surrounded by water is the clubhouse.

Quad City Air Show

Last Saturday we had the exciting opportunity to fly into the Quad City Air Show with our friend Scott who is a pilot. The funny part was that we live in Davenport, drove to Moline to go to the airport, and then flew back to Davenport for the air show. Either way it was still a great time. Here are some pictures from the day:

There's actually a guy standing on top of this plane:

Blue Angels:

Holy Cow!

No wait, that’s a pig.

I had the opportunity to go out to my boss’s farm last Friday night. They raise pigs and cows and I swear that I about fell over when I saw how big this pig is! It has to be at least 4 feet high if not more, and according to Dr. G he weighs about 600 pounds! This picture does not even begin to do justice to his size.

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