Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pretty Clouds

Aren't these clouds spectacular? I snapped this pic on our way out to dinner for our friend Dusty's birthday. It's the backside of a very strong storm that had passed through the area a few minutes before.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tale of Two Birthdays

Brett's birthday was earlier this month. We celebrated by heading to Red Robin with our friends Meggan and Dusty.

We ordered the Towering Onion Rings:

...and then the nice Red Robin people and the Red Robin himself came and sang Happy Birthday to Brett:

Afterwards we headed back to our place where we had cake that Meggan baked for Brett:

Brett had a very enjoyable birthday.

Last week was Dusty's birthday, so we thought we'd do something new and different!

Soooooooo, we went to Red Robin:

...and ordered the towering onion rings:

...and the nice Red Robin people came over and sang Happy Birthday to him (we aren't sure where the actual Red Robin was this time):

After that we went back to Meggan & Dusty's house and returned their cake pan by baking a cake for Dusty's birthday:

Isn't it great how we always like to try new things? :-P

Chernobyl Farms

I have no idea what's in the soil in our backyard, but holy cow check out the size of this zucchini:

Who says you need pesticide to grow awesome produce?
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