Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Quilt for Abri

Today I embarked on my latest adventure: sewing a baby quilt for Abri, the soon-to-be-born daughter of our friends Corey & Renee. I have never really sewn anything before, so the adventurous part comes in learning how the heck I am going to do this. Once I figure out what I am doing, I should have it together in no time at all. I will keep you updated with more pictures as I get more done. But for now, the picture shows the fabrics that I will be using. Abri is going to have a jungle themed room and I thought this fabric was just perfect, and it actually came in a bundle so all of the fabrics coordinate really well. That soft green fabric is a flannel that I will be using for the back of the quilt.

Chargers/Bears Game/Post-Boards Party/Nates Birthday

Last Sunday we had a multi-purpose party. First, the Chargers vs. Bears game was on, and since all of our friends here are Bears fans, we like to make a big deal about getting together when the two teams play. It makes for an even more fun night when the Chargers win (which they did last Sunday)!

Here is our resident Charger fan by our sign we made for our front door:

Despite many threats to the contrary, our sign managed to survive the evening without any acts of vandalism by our friends.

We also got together to celebrate the fact that everyone was done with Part I boards, which is the first of five tests they will have to take to get their license to practice as a Chiropractor. Here is the group: (I could only get some of them to stop watching the game :-) )

From left to right there's April, Brett, Amber, Nate, Renee & Cory, Derek, and Kyle & Amanda who refused to look at the camera).

And last but not least it was our friend Nate's birthday. Happy Birthday, Nate!

(Don't mind the makeshift birthday candle :-) )
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