Friday, May 4, 2007

"It's Go Time!"

Before we begin the story, here's some backstory so that the story can make sense: Polyuria is a condition that causes excess urination. Brett and his friends have learned about it in their physiology classes, and for some reason his friends decided to give that name to their softball team.

Now, on with the story:

Last night we went down to Credit Island Park in Davenport to cheer on our friend's team, The Polyurians, as they played on one of Palmer's intramural softball teams. The teams motto: "It's go time." In keeping with the theme of bad puns relating to polyurea, Brett & I crafted a sign to show our support for the team:

Stay tuned, as we plan to come up with a new polyurea pun for every game that we attend so that we may further fulfill our roles as official softball team cheerer-oners. Just don't ask us to throw the ball. : )


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Anonymous said...

I hope you get some appreciation from the softball team. Great sign, shows team spirit and support. GO.

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