Friday, June 1, 2007

Too Close for Comfort...

...but we are still here.

It's that time of year again. Time for severe thunderstorms, and even the occasional tornado. Here is our forecast right now from (Click to Enlarge)

Don't be alarmed if you hear on the news about some tornado action here in Eastern Iowa. We did have an F3 tornado touch down in an area close to, but not in Davenport. No need to worry because we are all fine here. The cat is hiding out in the closet because he is afraid of the thunder...but other than that the occupants of the Vowles house are doing well. Here is a picture from our local news station's (KWQC TV6) website of the tornado:

(I should emphasize that this picture was NOT taken by me.)

It was definitely a stressful morning. They initially told us that we would not be in the path of this dangerous storm...but the weather people were wrong again. The tornado sirens went off while we were picking up some groceries at Wal Mart. We quickly left the store and went home. Fortunately, the intense storm only lasted for about 20 minutes and aside from some typical flooding, it passed through Davenport without incident. We are still under a tornado watch until 7 pm tonight, but we have nothing but blue skies and sunshine outside right now, so I think that we are in the clear.

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