Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet Eskimo Amy

BRRRRRR it's cold! As I passed a bank this morning on my way to work the sign outside it flashed -8º!!!!! That my friends is AIR TEMPERATURE and does not take in to account the wind chill, which in our area is currently anywhere from -25º to -40º. Not only is that the coldest it has been since we moved to Iowa, it is by far the coldest I have ever been in my entire life!!!!!

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the sheldons said...

Isn't that INSANE!?!??!!? I am in the same boat as you friend, I've never felt anything like this in my life. Can you imagine how incredibly cold the pioneers were when they crossed the plains in this insane weather? Makes you glad for your Gortex gloves and your down coat huh?

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