Saturday, February 9, 2008

Moving Madness

Oh boy. That's pretty much what our apartment looked like when we moved in, only now we are doing the opposite. Brett and I were laughing at ourselves the other day over the fact that we can't ever seem to do things simply. Two years ago we were getting married, moving, living on our own for the first time, going to an unknown place with no jobs and to an apartment that we had leased sight-unseen. Sometimes when I hear people complaining about how hard it is to plan a wedding I secretly think to myself, "Try planning it in 6 months and moving at the same time!"

Well, here we are in 2008 and once again moving under crazy circumstances. We had planned our upcoming trip to San Diego back in October... little did we know that we would be moving at the same time! Our lease actually begins while we are out of town. We will land at 12:30am the day we return from our trip and be moving that same morning! So now we are packing not only for a trip to San Diego, but for our move as well. All of this insanity is actually a good learning experience. It reminds us that we can't always micro-manage every part of our lives, and to just roll with it when life's craziness comes your way.

So we just pack like crazy, laugh and say to ourselves "One day we will move like normal people."

Today my fortune cookie said: You will do well in you. Personal Affairs.

Grammar and punctuation have not been edited. Either way, let's hope it's right. :-)


the sheldons said...

You guys are ALREADY packing?!?!?! You overachievers!!! You just tell us when and where and we're there to help load and unload. Okay, well maybe Dean is there to help load and unload. I'll carring around the couch cushions or bedding. =)

Adam Brucker said...

Holy Crap!!!!!! You're coming so soon!!! YAY!!!

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