Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good Times Bowling, Part 1

As previously blogged about, Brett & I played on a Palmer bowling league Thursday nights this winter. Here are some pictures (shamelessly swiped off of Amber's Facebook-Thanks Amber!).

Me and my favorite bowling ball (I tracked that baby down every week!)

Waiting on Nate to bowl... I look so patient don't I? :-P

C'mon Nate

Me & Red (Amber)

Me & the Huz:

The Pin Pals:

We're trying to get a shot of the back of our shirts here, but it looks more like we are just showing you our butts... Nate in particular.

1 comment:

the sheldons said...

The Pin Pals!!!!!! HAHAHA!! Who came up with that?!?!

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