Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last Weekend

I figure that since this weekend is pretty much over, I should probably blog about last weekend before time gets away from me.

Thursday was bowling night, as usual. Brett was on fire that night and bowled five consecutive strikes! We have since learned that this feat is called a "five-bagger" in bowling lingo.

Brett's look of pride after bowling five strikes:

Friday night was the much-anticipated Christmas Craft night at my house. My friends Meggan..:

...and Kelly..:

...came over for some food, wine and Christmas crafts. If that sounds to you like a winning combination, let me tell you- it is.

We made all kinds of ornaments, including these cool round ornaments made out of scrapbook paper:

and reindeer magnets made out of Christmas light bulbs:

Then Meggan had the idea to make boy & girl reindeer, so we added bows to some of them:

We also made more of these ornaments from Homemade by Jill that I previously blogged about.

On Saturday we wrapped some Christmas presents...

...and I made Moose a stocking. He had been needing one for some time now:

Saturday night we went with our friends Kelly (above) and her husband, Matt to Clinton, IA (about 45 minutes away if you don't get lost) to check out the Symphony of Lights. We sipped hot cocoa, ate some yummy gingerbread, and looked at all the pretty lights in the snow. It all felt very festive and Christmas-y.

...Then on Sunday I finally finished this adorable baby quilt for my friend Tara who is expecting a baby boy any time now:


BrookeWalsh said...

Remind me never to go bowling with you guys.

Amy said...

Hahaha! C'mon! It would be fun!

the sheldons said...

5 strikes!! He was on FIRE!!! Good job Brett!

And those crafts you guys made are ADORABLE!! I love em! Wish I could have been there but a friend's concert called. And those lights you guys went to go see with Matt and Kelly look awesome.

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