Thursday, July 9, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Earlier this month I had a week off from work. Brett & I decided to get out of town and head to Vegas for a couple of days. Here are our excited "We're taking off for Vegas" faces. (Brett's is a little over-the-top).

*Please forgive the quality of these pictures. We opted for convenience over picture quality and just took our little point-and-shoot on the trip rather than my fancy camera.

We arrived in Las Vegas Monday night. We were starving so we headed to the food court in the hotel. We stayed at the Monte Carlo. You wouldn't believe how excited we were that they had a Rubios!

Oh, Rubios... we've missed you so much!

Here's the first official slot pull of the trip:

There was a TON of construction going on. Every building in this picture is still being built. This is the new City Center, and our view from our hotel room.

We ♥'d the lazy river at the hotel:

More slots!

We saw the lions at the MGM:

And then we went to this cool store that is made to look like the Grand Canyon.

These people were stopped watching Michael Jackson's memorial on the big screen. People were stopped EVERYWHERE watching it.

We checked out the conservatory at The Bellagio:

Then we walked over and checked out Planet Hollywood, which actually turned out to be our favorite casino.

We saw Blue Man Group while we were there, which I have been dying to see for years.

We also checked out M&Ms World. We mixed our own M&M color combination (mine was a fun combination of pink, purple, and teal) from the M&M wall, and then we posed with our favorite M&M.

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