Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nothing Runs Like a Deere

Yesterday Brett & I decided to head across the river to check out the John Deere Museum.

We always said we would check it out, and with only a few short weeks left in the Quad Cities it was now or never.

Some of the tractors have really, really big tires.

Here's Dr. Brett driving one of the super cool tractors:

Look! A really, really big bulldozer thing!

Some wise words from our friend John Deere:

The view of the whole pavillion:

Amy behind the wheel. Do I look the part?

Some of these things were pretty sweet. They were fully equipped with comfy seats, heat, a/c, cupholders, cd players and GPS systems. I may consider a second career in farming.

This one looks kinda fun:

Brett couldn't resist playing with all the buttons and knobs. (Neither could I.)

Here's Brett playing the combine simulator game:

Here I am taking a turn. I failed miserably. Don't ask me why I habitually stand like that, I must be channeling my inner ballerina or something.

This looks like an interesting contraption! I have absolutely no idea what it does...

And for your viewing pleasure here are some more cool giant machine things. I'm pretty sure that's the technical term. :)

Alternate title for this post: California Girl Tries to Talk About Tractors.


Brooke M. Walsh said...

It's fun to say Dr. Brett, isn't it? =)

Boo21's Mom said...

How fun, Amy! If you are anything like Glenn, Erika and me, you will remember goof-ball things like the John Deere museum and talk about them often in the coming years!

Lisa G. said...

If you, like me, had grown up in Moline, "the city of plows," (John Deere and his family are all buried in the cemetery there, too--very cool to see) you would have had the John Deere line of Little Golden Books and would know that the machine you didn't know the name of is none other than our good friend, Corny Cornpicker! (a star of the JD series) Fun blog, Amy!

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