Sunday, December 13, 2009

Deck The Halls

Christmas decorating has been in full swing here at the Vowles house.

 We went last week and picked out a Christmas Tree from Target.  It wasn't quite as exciting as years past when we have cut down our own tree, but we love our tree nonetheless.

We got the tree into place...

And then we strung it with lights and garland.

Now it's looking more Christmasy!

Finally, we hung our ornaments, and voila!

Bed, Bath & Beyond talked me into these festive red placemats to help our table be more Christmasy too.

(Have I told you about this table?  It was a $50 Craigslist find that we couldn't be happier with.  Definitely a good replacement for our other table that did not survive the move!)  

They also talked me into some cinnamon scented pine cones that I used to make this DIY centerpiece.  I just filled a pretty bowl with the cinnamon scented pine cones and added a few sprigs of glittery flowers from Michael's and you have an instant centerpiece! 

More Christmas-related posts to follow.  Happy decorating, everyone!

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Boo21's Mom said...

What a pretty tree! Good for you on your Craigslist find. Erika and Christian have found a lot of things--a spinning wheel, and a beautiful hutch are my two favorites. I have to try my hand at it. Glenn, believe it or not, buys and bids on car stuff on eBay all the time! This from the man who can't use email! We fight for the computer sometimes, now.

Enjoy this holiday season in your new home!


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