Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

An actual Gmail Chat conversation between me and Brett:

(Backstory:  we are in the process of purchasing something that will let us convert our boxes and boxes of VHS tapes to DVD)

Amy:  Did you win that Ebay auction for the VHS to DVD converter you were bidding on?
Brett:  No, but I have another plan.  Be right back. 
(He was chatting with me between patients at work)
Amy:  Ok!  I am excited to hear what your new plan is!
Brett:  Nope.  No plan.  I meant to say patient not plan. 
Amy:  :(
Brett:  Sorry. 
Amy:  Why can't we use one of these?  (I sent him a link for a cable that connects your VCR to your computer)
Brett:  Oh!  That was my plan!!  I did have a plan!!  And a patient. 

This was probably one of the most hilarious Gmail Chat conversations I have had in some time!!


Adolescent Family said...

LOL! I love gmail chat :)

BrookeWalsh said...

So, he forgot his plan and figured it was better to pretend there was no plan, or had convinced himself that maybe there never was a plan, after all, if there was, wouldn't he remember it?

That is, until you reminded him.

Michelle R said...

Lol. That's awesome. Let me know how whatever you get works. I've been wanting to get something that does that for awhile but lack the money and the motivation to figure out just what I want. :)

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