Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Couches!

It's the little things that keep me going around here.  Things like new couches!! 

Our poor, tired Iowa couches had seen better days.  They were recliners, and to put it lightly they were entirely dysfunctional.  I don't think I will ever purchase another couch with moving parts.  It just doesn't end well, especially if you plan to move them...ever. 

It's amazing how new couches and an area rug can revitalize a space.  Also, as you can see from the picture, Moose is a huge fan of the giant ottoman.  He pretty much thinks it's the greatest thing ever.  Next on the agenda is finding some end tables we like that don't break the bank.  There is talk of making our own...but we will see how that goes!  More on that later. 

1 comment:

Adolescent Family said...

Love the couches! Now I want some. Thanks a lot! ;)

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