Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Behold, the Elusive Cardinal

I have been fascinated by cardinals ever since we moved to Iowa. No, not the baseball team, the bird. They are so beautiful and I had never seen one in real life until we moved to the Midwest.

Naturally, I have been trying to capture one on film since last spring. Unfortunately, cardinals do not seem to be big fans of being photographed. There is one that likes to spend his days in the tree outside our bedroom window, but as soon as he sees me approaching the window to take his picture, he flys away. I know what he sounds like, so for months he has been sitting out there taunting me with his calls. In fact, I hear him right now.

Previous attempts to capture this creature on film have turned out more like a bad game of Where's Waldo than the beautiful picture I had envisioned:

And here it is at last:


BrookeWalsh said...

I, too, am fascinated by the Midwestern birds. I saw one of these guys at the gas station yesterday. He perched unceremoniously on a trash can while gas was pumping into my tank. True to form, when I went to grab my camera he flew away first into a relatively close tree (which had me thinking, grab the 50-200 lens and catch him) but then he flew behind the fence of a preschool.

Where's Waldo, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful picture and a tribute to perseverence. I have not seen one since I left the Midwest and not very many even there. So, you did good.

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