Thursday, November 15, 2007


I realized today that I have been a little bit of a slacker when it comes to the blog posts, so I thought that I would update you on what's been going on lately.

1.) My knee. As many of you know I injured my knee recently. Not terribly, but bad enough that I couldn't walk on it for a few days. I am happy to report that I am walking much better now. Luckily, I now work for a chiropractor (see #2) and she is working to make sure that my knee recovers. Just for fun, I thought I would post the picture above. Through the magic of digital x-ray, that is actually MY knee that you are looking at. Pretty cool, huh?

2.) My job. This is my third week working at my new job. I landed my dream job (with pretty decent pay, too) in Durant, which is about 20 miles west of here. The only downside of the job is the fact that it is 20 miles away, but I figure if that's the only downside I am pretty lucky.

3.) Bowling. Palmer League bowling began last week. Every Thursday night from now through early next year we can be found at the bowling alley. Last week our team did pretty well. We won, and our team score was into the 500's for all three games, while most other teams were only in the 300's. It looks like it is going to be a pretty good bowling "season" (is that what you call it when it's bowling?). I plan on taking some pictures tonight, so hopefully I will have those posted in the next couple of days.


Adam Brucker said...

I wish I could do that with all my x-rays and MRIs , I could practically post a complete x ray Adam !

BrookeWalsh said...

How do people get their x-rays and stuff? The people at my hospital wouldn't give me my x-ray or ultrasound picture. I always see people with x-rays. They must not have gotten them done in the ER...

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