Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Here is the story of our day, told with (lots of) pictures:

It was very snowy yesterday. The crazy weather people only called for "about an inch." Well, we got a little more than an inch. More like 3-6" depending on your area. The roads were snowy and icy, so we really didn't go out much. Here is a peek of our winter wonderland:

Here is my MooseCat doing what he does best by hanging out under the tree:

And here he is looking particularly handsome:

Around 3 o'clock I got a crazy craving for French Toast, so Brett made me some. :)

Later on, we hung out with our friends Dean & Michelle. We played Battle of the Sexes:

And then we rang in the new year:

Aren't they cute?

Then we tried to take a group picture using some of my new camera toys. Here's how that went:
Maybe a little too much flash?

Is it working? Hmmm, maybe if I point my remote directly at the camera....oops!

That's better. :)

Happy New Year!


BrookeWalsh said...

It kind of takes a while to master the remote-control-self-portrait.

I think the biggest obstacle is remembering to make yourself look like you're not concentrating entirely on whether or not the camera is actually taking a picture (hard to do when that is usually what you are thinking about). That and trying to slyly hide the remote =).

Lots of luck with your new toys in the new year!

the sheldons said...

That was SO MUCH FUN!!!! And that picture of us where we look like we are all glowing is awesome! And I love the one where you are taking a picture with the remote and your hand is 2 inches in front of the lens. That's freakin hilarious! Ahhhhh, good times. We'll beat the guys on BOTS (That's awesome that Battle of the Sexes spells BOTS, that's my new favorite acronym!). We've got it in us.

the sheldons said...

P.S. I love Moose and want to pet him some more.

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