Sunday, January 27, 2008

It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

Brett has a little bit of a reputation when it comes to accidentally spoiling gift surprises. It all began when he was a little kid, carrying a gift for his Grandma into the house, proudly handing it to her while announcing "It's a wallet!" Now it is a family joke to say "it's a wallet" before someone opens a gift, but that's not the point of this story. The first time that Brett inadvertently revealed a gift to me was around Christmas time. He wanted to tell me about something funny that happened while he was at Target, and he began the story by saying "When I was at Target today getting your game..." He had gotten me the classic edition of Clue for Christmas, and now I knew it.

Well, yesterday was my day to blow the surprise. Our 2nd anniversary is Monday, and we had agreed not to really exchange gifts this year, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to just get him a little something. I was few minutes early picking Brett up from his class this weekend, so I quickly went in to the Palmer bookstore to pick up a business card holder that I knew he has had his eye on. I managed to beat him back to the car and thought I was in the clear.

While I was in the bookstore I noticed that they had these cool spine keychains back in stock that they had been sold out of for some time. When Brett got into the car and we started talking I blurted out "OH! They have those cool spine keychains in the bookstore again!" But I managed not to blow my cover by quickly adding "....yeah, I noticed that a few days ago." Phew! That was close. It is very important that Brett not know that I went in to the bookstore because I have no reason to be in there and he will know that I am up to something.

I also noticed while I was in there that they had pink sweatpants back in stock, the very pink sweatpants that my friend April was looking for a while back. After I got back to the car I excitedly sent her a text message just to say 'hey, they have those pink sweatpants you wanted.' Naturally, a conversation ensues, and we text back and forth for a while while I was waiting for Brett to get out of class.

While in the car I got another text message from April. Since April is pretty much the only person that I text on a regular basis, out of curiosity Brett said "What did April say?" And like an idiot I say "Oh, not much. I just texted her to let her know that they had pink sweatpants in the bookstore." He looks at me and says "Oh, you went into the bookstore?!?!" And the look on his face says 'you are totally busted.' And the look on my face says 'yes, I AM totally busted."

That, my friends, is the story of how I finally blabbed a surprise to my husband. It was bound to happen eventually. :-)


the sheldons said...

HAHAHAHHAHA!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!! Like you said, it was bound to happen, but dang, that is freakin funny.

Adam Brucker said...

you're usually so good at keeping secrets! I just got home from work, its late there, I shall call u tomorrow!! hope you guys had a great anniversary!

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