Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brett's Half-Way Party

Last weekend was Brett's halfway party and we had a BLAST! The food was good, the hypnotist was HILARIOUS and it was great to spend the evening with so many great friends!

At our house before the party. I did April's hair and I think it turned out cute!

Brett & I at the party ♥

All the girls!

Us with The Sheldons

Us, Dean & Michelle and Keven & Tiff. Keven is being a goofball.

Amy & the lovely Miss April!

Brett & Jamie. Drunkards!

1 comment:

the sheldons said...

I love your pictures. And yes, I will have to steal the ones you have off your picasa because i was too busy trying not to die. By the way, you and Brett looked like the snazziest couple in the whole joint. Your dress was adorable.

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