Sunday, May 18, 2008

Onesies, Round 2

A giraffe and a whale for Baby Sheldon:

Judging by their reaction, I'm pretty sure they loved them. I am completely addicted to making these things. :-)


BrookeWalsh said...

We just washed ours and will put our little man in them for the first time a.s.a.p. We'll a.s.a. put clothes on him. He just sleeps in a diaper.

These ones are awesome, too!

Dear aunty Amy, can we have a whale, too?

the sheldons said...

I LOVE YOU!!! Thank you so much!!! Seriously, those are the cutest onesies I have ever seen and we are priviledged enough to be the one that got them!!! Suckahs!!! Just kidding! I would seriously pay you for those. If you ever wanted to make more and charge for them, you already have a customer right here...

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