Monday, July 21, 2008


Brett's Mom came to town this weekend and we had a really great time just hanging out and catching up. For our one "road trip" day we headed up to Galena, which I have previously blogged about and we also stopped in Fulton, IL to tour this cool windmill they have there.

First, the windmill: Originally the people of Fulton wanted to purchase an old windmill from Holland and have it shipped to America, but Holland does not allow their old windmills to leave the country, so that was a no-go. Instead, they decided to have a windmill assembled in Holland, and then shipped to America. The whole thing weighs a whopping 74 tons and does not have a single nail holding it together. They built it the good old-fashioned way using only wooden pegs.

The windmill is one of only a handful of working windmills in the United States. At the Fulton windmill on windy days they grind their own 100% natural completely organic flour, which I think is really cool.

Next we headed up to Galena where we once again tasted some really amazing wine at Galena Cellars (love them!), ate lunch at Johnathan's, and browsed all of the fun little shops along the way.

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