Saturday, July 26, 2008

Palmer Spine

Once again this year we participated in the Palmer Spine for the Bix 7 race. We walk the "Quick Bix" which is a 2 mile walking race dressed up as a spine to raise public awareness about chiropractic and the Palmer Clinics. This picture is compliments of our local news station, Brett & I are the 3rd and 4th segments:

Here is the spine posing with the Elvi. They do the race every year too:
Here we are with some of our friends before the race:

The whole group after the race. We came in dead last for the Quick Bix, but we won 1st place in the costume competition!!

C3 & C4 at the finish line!

Our local news station has footage on their website of the race, including a portion with the Palmer Spine doing a little dance that we put together. I am working on getting just that portion of the 2 hour broadcast uploaded to my blog. When I do I will let you know. If you are feeling really ambitious, you can check out the footage yourself at KWQC's website.

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