Friday, July 3, 2009


What blog?

After much prodding from friends, family, and co-workers, I decided it might be time to update this blog.

Many weeks ago (I know, I haven't posted in forever) we went and heard a great band play at the Redstone room in Davenport.

This information is largely irrelevant. To be honest I just wanted to post a pic of it because I was having a really good hair day. :)

On June 1st I went back to school. I use the term "went back" loosely because going to school doesn't actually require going anywhere. I am completing my Bachelor's in Business Management online. It's going really, really well so far. The school I am going to allows you to test out of classes, so I am banking on my existing smarts to help me advance through the program more quickly. :)

Brooke came down for a visit with her son Truman, her friend Sarah and Sarah's son Khai. We had a good time, and it was nice to finally meet Truman (it only took a year!). Brooke was kind enough to take some nice pictures of Brett & I. We were going for a professional look for future advertising/marketing/website. I think they look awesome!

Then we took some pictures just for fun. Here we are being a couple of goofballs:

Apparently something was funny:

That same weekend I hosted a baby shower for my friend April. She is expecting her little boy Dylan sometime in September.

I made another diaper cake. I think I outdid myself on this one.

I also made this cute little turtle quilt for Dylan.

The following weekend, my Grandma came for a visit with her friend Shirley. We went to the quad city botanical center where we checked out the flowers and made friends with a little turtle who had perched himself on a rock.

This past weekend I took some Engagement & Wedding pictures for a couple all in the same weekend, which kept me pretty busy. Then my aunt Colleen came for a visit. She has all of the pictures from the trip, so I will have to get them and share them at a later time.

Also over the weekend, we had a crazy severe thunderstorm that began about 3.5 seconds after the outdoor wedding ended. The storm blew in three of our sun room windows and blew off some of our rain gutters. As if that wasn't enough, a pipe burst in our basement unleashing a flood that rivaled Niagara Falls. I am just thankful that 1. We were home, and 2. There is a drain in our basement floor.

I am now off for a week from work which is nice. I will hopefully have more to blog about in the coming week.

That's all I can think up to blog about for now. Happy Fourth of July!


Boo21's Mom said...

Amy, it was fun to catch up on you ad Brett. Those are good photos! I saw a diaper cake for the first time last month. What a cute idea and your is really pretty. You get a lot done--especially with working to finish your degree! Makes me tired!

Enjoy your summer. I hope it isn't too hot and muggy.


Andrea said...

I love the pictures of you and Brett. They turned out great!

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