Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Goodies

Sometimes my crafting/baking endeavors are incredibly successful.  Other times, not so much.  Things tend to be a little bit more romantic and festive in my head than they are in real life.  Kinda like last night when I said "Wouldn't it be so much more fun to hand-dip your own Oreos in white chocolate rather than buying them from the store?"

The answer is no.

It is, however, sticky and messy and tedious.  But since white chocolate dipped Oreos are one of Brett's favorite holiday treats, we'll consider it a labor of love.

Here is my one crowning victory:

And oodles of other not-so-attractive hand dipped Oreos.

No worries, though.  Even the ugly ones are still quite tasty.

These hand dipped pretzels, were much easier and less sticky and less messy to make, not to mention much more my style:

 Salty+Crunchy+Sweet=Holiday Happiness.  :)

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Boo21's Mom said...

Hey, Amy. I need your help and I will pay! I want to steal (OK, pay for) your idea for your banner. I'd like to use the little carat (sp?) mark to insert "and Bonnie's" into "Darby's Daily." Now that Erikas dog will be living with us, I want to include her in my posts. If it is easy to do, will you tell me how? If it is hard to do, will you do it for me and I'll pay you? I think we can do it all online right?--I'll send you the banner photo, you'll mess with the words and send it back to me and you will have earned your first money as a graphic artist. Let me know if you can help me! Thanks, Amy! Melissa

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