Friday, May 14, 2010

Las Vegas Day 1-Fremont Street

Brett and I have been to Vegas before but never made it down to Fremont St.  So, for the first night of our three night trip we stayed at the Golden Gate hotel which is right on Fremont St.

Brett had to see patients in the morning, so we didn't take off until the afternoon on Day 1.  I have to say that the Phoenix-Las Vegas drive is, in my opinion, much more scenic than the San Diego-Las Vegas drive.

Lots of pretty cacti and interesting scenery:

Look kids!  A Joshua Tree!  I was excited to see one of these.  I have heard of them, and was even forced to write a report on them in grade school, but I had never actually seen one before!  Cross that off the bucket list I suppose.  ;) 

We got to see Hoover Dam!

Another thing you don't see on the San Diego-Las Vegas drive, and another thing I had never seen before.  We got to take a dam tour and take some dam pictures and buy some dam souvenirs.  Only not really. 

We ate dinner at a really yummy Italian restaurant and then headed to our hotel to check in and then check out the action on Fremont St.  The Golden Gate Hotel was small but charming:

A word to the wise:  The party on Fremont St. goes until about 2-3am with live music, so unless you are wanting to join in on the action, don't book a room overlooking Fremont St.

On Fremont Street we got to see all of the old casinos like the Four Queens and the Golden Nugget.

I think we liked the Golden Nugget the best.  It had a pretty sweet shark tank pool with a slide running through it. 

It was a good time.  We really liked the live music and the fact that everything is all in one place (think: minimal walking) but now that we've done it neither of us is dying to go back and see it again.

Day 2 & Day 3 posts coming soon...


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