Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vegas, Baby!--Day 2

After we left Fremont, we moseyed (mosied?) our way to the hotel we would be staying the last two nights.  We stayed at the Signature Suites at the MGM.  I was surprised to learn that this hotel is neither at the MGM nor owned by MGM.  It is actually an independent, non-gaming hotel located directly behind the MGM, with a covered walkway connecting the two.  Let me tell you, these suites are amazing, and definitely worth the extra footwork to get yourself to the main hotel/strip.  

And the jacuzzi bathtub made me never want to leave.  Ever.

After we checked in we wandered around our hotel a bit.  The MGM lions were cuddly and sleeping together.

Um, anybody have any idea why there is a guy in there with them?  He is not even wearing any official "lion trainer" gear or anything.  He just sat there texting away like he was anywhere but in a lion cage.


Brett and I were both very confused and I said to him, "Well, they are just cats."  To which he replied, "Yeah, really big eat-you cats."  I have no response to that.  He wins.

Moving on.

This trip (as opposed to last trip) I sucked it up and hauled around my big-girl camera.  It was nice to get some decent night shots.

The Excalibur was all pretty and glowy.

And the MGM was glitzy and sparkly.

As was all of Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Planet Hollywood casino is still by far our favorite.  I won $75 bucks there!

Not too shabby for a low-roller such as myself!

The new City Center is done now.  It is ginormous!!

We rounded out the night at New York New York where I think we ended up having the most fun.  They have a dueling piano bar there that is definitely worth checking out!

Day 3 post coming soon...


Andrea said...

Nice pictures! Cool to see City Center all done...I live in Vegas (ie. I avoid the strip at all costs)and so have not seen it finished. Looks like you had a good time.

Boo21's Mom said...

Wow! I've been to Las Vegas only once in the last 28 years and that was for a one-day conference. It was pouring rain the night I arrived, and pouring rain the following evening when I left! Between the weather and the fact that I was there for work, I didn't see much of anything. What an incredible place! Great photos.

BrookeWalsh said...

I am enjoying the pictures. The city center does look neat.

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