Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Salmon and Israeli Cous Cous Stir Fry

If you haven't before, you should check out Iowa Girl Eats.  It is one of my new favorite food blogs.  She has such great ideas and they are generally very healthy, and often vegetarian. 

Her recipe for Salmon and Israeli Cous Cous Stir Fry inspired me enough to try it out for myself.  It turned out really really well, and was a nice change of pace from the usual fish + vegetable + rice that we do at our house. 

I made mine a little bit differently with pre-packaged organic stir fry mix, but the end result was pretty much the same. 

You can head on over to this post for the recipe. 

Now, if anyone has any good recommendations for what I can do with the other 1/2 box of israeli cous cous and also the 1.5 dozen eggs that are hanging out in my fridge, I am definitely open to dinner suggestions!!


Adolescent Family said...

Whenever I have a lot of eggs, we do breakfasts. puffy oven pancake, omelets, french toast, etc. No, not extravagant in the least, but good!

Maybe some baking is in your future?

PS. Can't wait for you guys to get here! :D

Boo21's Mom said...

Yum! Great dinner. I like Israeli cous cous but have never done anything particularly creative with it. I just saute onions, garlic, whatever vegetables I have that sound good and mix that in with the cous cous that I've cooked with chicken broth. Have you tried farro? If you don't know, it is a grain like spelt or barley, not a pasta. An ancient food that is supposedly very good for us. It is really good in soups and used like cous cous.


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