Monday, September 12, 2011

On This Day in History

Well, it’s happened.  The day has come when I have finally decided to allow a plasticy, electronic, talking toy into my house.  I swore the day would never come, and it has. 

This on the heels of my very sweet daughter nearly ordering a $9.99 pay per view movie when I let her play with the remote the other day.  The remote is her obsession.  She must have it.  I thought since the TV was off it would be harmless enough to just let her play with it.  But whoops, the satellite was still on.  We were one click away from ordering who-knows-what. 
So that did it.  Hailey now has her own toy with colorful buttons and sounds that she can click away at. 

Apparently I have a changed heart.  Or at least a weak one.  ;) 

1 comment:

Adolescent Family said...

ah yes, until she figures out its not YOUR remote, then she will still want yours :)kids.

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